Skype Shows

Lost of you asked me for Skype’s private cam shows. In this page, I’ll explain how you can enjoy one of my shows.

How can I contact with Lucia for a Skype’s private cam show

Via email: sen me an e-mail as soon as possible and I’ll assign you the best schedule for both. I’ll check my e-mail everyday until 8:00 p.m. I’ll answer in chronological order.

  • Schedule: Saturdays – Thursdays. 10:00pm -12:00 am. If you can’t at this time, we can reserve another schedule, but that’s my main schedule. /li>
  • Prices: €1/min with a minimum of 15 minutes plus €2 in Paypal taxes
  • Payment method: Send the price of the show via paypal. It’s very important you write down the e-mail you’ll use with Skype so when I receive the money, I’ll send you a friendship request and we’ll start to play

Gere’s a cart so you can do it with your credit card


Skype’s only for shows, no chit-chat. Please, respect my job

I’m waiting for you =)

Note: Schedules are in Spain’s time